Harps is free virtual reality world dedicated to the community of people who play or love the harp. It is a unique collection of user contributed harp related web links housed in a grouping subject dedicated buildings.

Harps is a place to discover all the things you might want to know about the instrument. Besides providing information it is a gathering and meeting place where anyone in the world, without having to travel, can show up and visit. It is intended to be a living site with information changing all the time to meet the needs of the community.

Go to www.activeworlds.com
Download and install the application
On initial start up select "Autoconfigure"
Sign on as a tourist
You will arrive in AW Gate ask the Gatekeeper any questions
Read the “How to move” web page
Look on the left side for the Tabs
Select the Worlds Tab
Scroll down the list and select "Harps“

Click "Teleport" on the menu bar top left
Pull down to "make this my home"- The next time you turn AW on you will arrive in Harps.

Alternate method 1:
Once in world
Click the "Teleport" word in the menu bar then To.(top left)
A small window opens
Put Harps in the world field and -
0 N 0W in the coordinate field
Click OK and you will go directly there
Alternate method 2
Sign on to ActiveWorlds
Copy and paste this link below into the chat field press "Enter" key
Click the link in the posted chat.

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